Passive Management Package

Android App

We provide an Android mobile application for integration into your clinical services. The software focuses on a simplistic design and easy to navigate interface to ensure accurate and precise healthcare data entry.

iOS App (under development) 


Desktop Access Montoring System-
Web Browser

Our cloub-based desktop system is easily accessible from any computer web browser, ensuring your supervising teams and management can access and manage all patient data and vital signs. Record all vital signs and allow access to historical records in professional charts and graphic display.

API (under development)

Using a REST API allows Lifenet to receive and provide data to any registered software system over a secure connection.


Secure login and access to assigned patients. All patient data is encrypted across three international data centres, ensuring the highest degree of redundancy and security. 

Pilot Program

LifeNet is engaging nursing agencies to integrate LifeNet into the care system for ICU patients discharged to in-home care. 

The pilot program is planned to be conducted with 10 in-home patients, the results of which will be published by the end of August 2020. 

ICU patients are the most vulnerable in-home patients which provides a unique set of problems for LifeNet to solve. 

Upon the success of this pilot program LifeNet will be seeking to partner with age care providers. Contact us for more information. 

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