Software Package

Mobile Application

We provide Android and iOS mobile applications for integration into your clinical services. The software focuses on a simplistic design and easy to navigate interface ensuring accurate and precise healthcare data entry.


Desktop Monitoring System

Our cloud-based desktop system is easily accessible from any web browser, ensuring your supervising teams and management can access and manage all patient data and vital signs. Record all vital signs and allow access to historical records in professional charts and graphic visualisations.

Medical Device Integration

Our Mobile Application integrates with Bluetooth capable medical devices allowing automated recording of patient vital signs.

Lifenet API

Using a RESTful API allows Lifenet to receive and provide data to any registered software system over an encrypted connection.

Our Manufacturers

Active Management Package

Clinical Support Team

We provide access to qualified nurses and paramedics as Clinical Support Care Coordinators during business hours.  All clinical staff are certified Australia’s health practitioners under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory with previous experience in fields such as Palliative care, Referral Services, Emergency Services, Geriatric Care and Intensive Care Nursing.

Our Active Management Package monitor both your staff and client’s health, creating patient management plans with support from other organisations such as your local general practitioner, district community nursing, pharmacist or patient transportation service

For more on a Clinical Support Team check the About Us.